The Modern Greek Language Teachers Association (MGLTA) is a forum for sharing the best teaching practices and cutting edge research in Modern Greek language education.

MGLTA is a forum that addresses the needs of those who are in the profession of teaching Modern Greek and provides opportunities for their communication and interaction. Our organization is a community whose mission is to offer updates on best teaching and learning practices, to instill a strong professional spirit and a growing sense of partnership and collaboration among its members. MGLTA is a strong advocate of Modern Greek Language education, informing its membership on new developments in the field, and creating opportunities that enhance career potential.

MGLTA has been a member of The National Council of the Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL), since its establishment in 2005. The NCOLCTL is an umbrella organization representing the Less Commonly Taught Languages in the US. The Council's ultimate goal is to increase the collective impact of LCTL constituencies on America's ability to communicate with peoples from all parts of the world. More details

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Task Force March 9-11, Delaware

A Task Force on the national standars for the teaching and learning of Modern Greek met in Wilmington, Delaware from March 9th to 11th. Workshops and meetings connected educations from various regions of the US and facilitated the cross pollination of teaching methods and techniques. If you are interested in joining our webmail group simply send us an email expressing your interest and we will add you to the list. You will receive updates and information about research and conferences approx. once every two weeks in your inbox. This way you can keep abreat of current developments simply via your gmail or hotmail login. Creative exchange is the idea behind this task force.